" Strengthening, Encouraging, Supporting & Networking you together for a greater future. "

Agape Fellowship of Churches &Ministers International (AFOCMI) is a global network for ministers established to provide spiritual covering, pastoral care, mutual accountability, ministry resources and fellowship for its members, affiliate churches and ministries which ascribe to the vision and mission of the fellowship.

Agape Fellowship of Churches & Ministers International (AFOCMI) serve its members and other ministers in the following ways:

To bring ministers together in a covenant relationship to serve and fellowship with one another.

To expose ministers to the real qualities of leadership that God seeks after, and to inspire them to increase the leadership potentials.

To help inspire ministers to cultivate their strengths and discover and correct weakness. To equip indigenous pastors and minister to the grassroots effectively and efficiently.
To ordain, license and consecrate the called and qualified ministers.

AFOCMI is not meant to replace or compete with other existing ministerial and Christian organizations but to serve ministers and ministries. Our goal is to compliments its member’s assignment by making our expertise available to them.

1. Provides opportunities for networking as we take the gospel to the nations of the world.
2. Provide pastoral support, spiritual and prayer covering to its members.
3. Give opportunities to travel and attend international conferences abroad. E.g. North America, Europe, Asia and other African Countries.
4. Access to ministry resources
5. Give membership card and/or certificate
6. Add its members to AFOCMI directory
7. Discount on products (Membership Card must be presented to receive discounts)
8. Preferred seating in conferences organised by AFOCMI and Bishop Azenabor